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It is recognized that the Indian contribution in the fields of information technology and regional traditional arts-crafts has been noteworthy. Both these fields create, share and transform knowledge. We propose a program for architecture that connects technology, craftsmanship, research, collaboration and learning to build skills for a future in making and manufacturing. We offer a …

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Wanstead House reinterprets the London terrace house, while forming a transition of scale and typology between the cultivated wilderness of Epping Forest and the local gardens of Hollybush Hill. Perforated brick screens and layered glass facades create transitional spaces, which respond to climatic variations, and integrate outdoor spaces into the living experience.


Bedford competition view

The architecture for this new cultural center is set within an existing active archeological landscape. The proposed building hovers above the ground plane to reveal artefacts for public viewing and provide access to future areas of exploration.

Bedford plans

[WHAT IF] …we would build a new state of the art airport in Mumbai’s Harbour and simultaneously transform the former airfield into a Maidan as Mumbai’s new Central Park?

[WHAT IF] …the new airport establishes and maintains the new Maidan as an environmental contribution to balance their CO2 record?

[WHAT IF] …the new Maidan is a new world to dream and engage with nature – like life in the Bollywood movies or in the home village?

[WHAT IF] … every inhabitant of Bombay  would have their own 0,294 m2 of park within the Airport Green or 7,060 m2 for one hour/day or 49.423 m2 for one hour/week!



DG512_PERSPECTIVERecycling Urban FabricOur strategy for Stonebridge lies in the articulation and re-building of its urban nucleus around a new common. The introduction of affordable housing is only part of the solution, what Stonebridge needs most is a public realm connecting the old with the new, the civic and the social, the natural and the man-made.